Education, Arts and Sports Fund Program

Financial assistance via discretionary funds for supplementary education, arts and sports related expenses

GFGSA believes that no child should be unfairly disadvantaged by circumstance and that every child should be given the opportunity to develop physically, emotionally and culturally through extra-curricular activity parallel with their peers.

The organisation’s unique discretionary fund was developed and actioned in response to the number of Grandparent and Kinship Carers who are primary carers, yet receive no outside financial assistance and who are attempting to provide a reasonable quality of care and opportunity with limited resources.

Small funding amounts are available for education, arts and sports pursuits for children in the care of extended family and through the generosity of various grants and benefactors.  Details available,  conditions apply.

See further details by clicking  Education, Arts and Sports Fund document

GFGSA would like to acknowledge philanthropic trusts, foundations and other organisations that continue to support us in delivering this unique service.


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